Saturday, March 28, 2009

Seven Simple Steps to Save Earth

The aim of Earth Hour and similar movements is to reduce energy usage. This can be possible only with us changing our ways. We can

  1. Walk: Has to go to the shop? Walk.
    Or if you have something to carry, use your cycle. No cycle? Buy one. It gives you exercise. It gives earth oxygen.
    Walk from your work to home. You can't walk to work in the morning, it sweats you. So, in the morning, use a bus or jeep. But come back walking. In the beginning it is difficult. But as your leg muscle improves walking can be fun.
    (If you are young, you can run for a difference. I am doing this for the last 15 months, and last year I won 4 medals in the school athletics meet)

  2. Read: Read as a hobby. Read for pleasure. You can substitute TV, music, films and computer games with books. And what more, unlike films, you can imagine novels as you wish to.

  3. Switch off:
    Lights and fans when not in use, when unnecessarily used.
    If you have a habit of sleeping with the fan on, kick it. While in bed, Switch off the fan. Open the windows. Don't drape yourself in a blanket or sheet. Think of something else, and not about fan.

  4. Computer: Learn standby mode and hibernating mode. Put into standby when you drink tea. Hibernate when eating lunch.

  5. Cook less, eat row: Food materials have the highest nutritional value when they are consumed fresh. So, don't cook. Just eat row things which can possibly be eaten row. (Vegetables – pea, carrot, cucumber, tomato, lady's finger; all fruits; pulses – germinating grams). Drink water instead of tea or coffee.

  6. Talk less: Energy of any kind is energy. So, the chemical energy in your body stored in the form of ATP molecules is also something that must be conserved.
    Talk little, move little, think little.
    Save energy for your activities, eat less, cook less, conserve.

  7. Support others: If you can't do any of these for yourself, just encourage others those who are doing. Thus they continue and onlookers start doing these. Support movements like Earth Hour.

Think. Act. Live.

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