Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why Reading is the Best Habit?

I consider reading as the best hobby because it is:

  1. Easy: Everyone learns reading at their schools. So, there is no need to learn something new.

  2. Cheap: Look around you. For every electronic thing, there will be one magazine or book in your room. Why? It is a lot more cheaper (the positive way to tell 'lot less expensive') . if you go to a super market, it is more probable that you will buy a book than an electronic good

  3. Healthy: Reading saves your eye from tv, computer, etc.
    For sitting while reading, or even lying down, you will have to employ many muscles in your back and legs and abdomen, thus leading them to strength.

  4. You are the master: You can read at your own pace. You can re-read. You can fast forward. You can skip. You can rewind. You don't get addicted.

  5. Mobile: Can you sleep beside your guitar on your holidays, if you had to travel in a crowded train with two bags in both of your hands?
    Books can accompany you wherever you are, just a matter of a few inches.

  6. Huge: You start collecting stamps. All easily available stamps are collected. Over. Your hobby, heads nowhere.
    There are so many books written, that you cannot finish reading even everything you've got in your private library, let alone search for new grazing grounds.

  7. Universal: Unlike other hobbies like tv shows, collecting, bird-watching, etc., reading is universal.
    That is, you read Harry Potter, you have friends all over the globe. But you watch birds near you. Those may be unheard, elsewhere.
Add your own......

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