Friday, May 1, 2009

What Kerala and Keralites Can and Must Learn From Delhi City

I've recently been to Delhi. Actually it's been my first time visit. (Though, I dream of making it many more times)

And though the heat there took the toll out of me, a poor Keralite, I still love Delhi and wish to be back there.

There are two important things that we Keralites must learn from such big cities.

First is transport. One thing that really mesmerized me into loving Delhi is the metro railway. It is comfortable, fast, affordable, time-savvy and reduces congestion in the roads. You do know that it is almost impossible to get from the North to the South of Cochin at 8 in any weekday morning. Metro railway need not be in metro cities.
For roads, one thing that is absent in Delhi roads is gutters. There has been no compromise made with the health of roads, and that gives you a huge relief. At least you can mind other business while driving without hitting anything trying to avoid a hole in front.

And the second, the lifestyle.
We Keralites have a habit of thinking about others. How they look. How they see us. How nasty they are. How rude. How disgusting others can be. How helping others can be harmful. How a "sorry" can lower our respect. How a "good morning" makes us inferior.
How rubbish!
In the city, people don't care about others. Everyone lives in a world of thier own, in which they need care about matters they are concerned with, and matters that need their attention. Can't we just try to concentrate on ourselves?
Not that we should replace our styles with their, but shouldn't we adapt and perfect ourselves.

And of course, Delhi is the capital of India

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1 comment :

riddhiculous said...

hmm.. firstly welcome to delhi :)
secondly.. do not learn "bein too much of yourselves" from delhi.
That is what is insane out here..
If a man dies on road nobody wud dare help him..
NObody does help ppl.. even if a girl goes on to fight a guy.. rest will move arnd as if they are blind..
So, ignorance is bliss..
and delhities the typical ones are more into fashion policing.. scaling what the others are doing with contempt and derision instead..
they are more into what others are into than any darn person.. anyhow long comment indeed.
Don't mean to put u off from coming to this state again.. but just a viewpoint.

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