Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Have A Rocking Browsing Experience (for Firefox users)

If you are a firefox user, which most probably you are (and if you're not you should download and install it before reading the rest of this post) you already have a rocking browser. And after you read this post you will know how to make the impossible happen out of it.

See the screenshots below to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

This is my orkut home page. (The theme for which once I was ready to switch to live)

This is my facebook page

And finally these are my google pages.

Want to make your browser too so attractive or why not even better?

Here are some useful addons you will certainly need.
  1. heaven.cube theme: Just so attractive. Though this simple, dark theme is full of cubes (starting from the back - forward buttons to the scroll bars) it is certainly the best theme I've used until now.
    Installing: Go to heaven.cube, select add to firefox, click install again, sit back and relax.
    If you ever feel like going back to the default theme (which you probably won't, OK for trying personas or so) just go to Tools --> Addons --> Themes --> Default --> Use theme

  2. Personas: If you are not for themes, personas has it for you. It is a nice extension that adds colour to your firefox toolbars by using specially designed persona wares. But I am not using it right now because as I'm going to reveal by this post how, I don't have status bar or menu bar so personas won't work so well, and also personas won't feed my appetite for an overall great appearance.
    Installing: Install personas from mozilla addons, then wear grabs by using the personas menu, or going to the personas gallery and selecting wear this on any ware.

    If you are deciding to use personas, here are some skins you should check out

  3. Stylish: This is the real reason why I'm making this post. Stylish is a great extension that allows stylising the websites that you visit (you heard it right, not just the browser, even the sites that you visit). And that is how I got that wonderful theme for orkut and a dark background for google and facebook.
    The way stylish works is a little complicated. Still if you are for the technicalities here's how. Every website depends upon CSS for their styles. What Stylish does is load a preset CSS for your websites. Now the default CSS won't work and stylish begins the work.
    Installing: Stylish is like personas. You should first install stylish extension. Then install separate codes from the stylish resource site. This is very simple just go to the page of any stylish style and select install to stylish
    If you've finished installing stylish here are the styles you should try out

  4. Hide Menubar: Can be skipped if necessary. Hides the Menubar (File, Edit, View, and all) until you press ALT.

  5. Fission: Progress bar in your address bar.
Done. These little tools can make your day.

P.S. Don't forget to comment if you find better styles.

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