Monday, August 17, 2009

The Secret to (Infinite) Happiness

Everyone knows how to be happy when it's party time. But how to be happy when s*it is happening to you?

Being happy always, in everything that's happening in your life, even when tears are rolling down your cheeks, even when you're wilting with pain, even when you've failed at the most important tasks... Yes, that's possible, and that is what I call infinite happiness (This is not infinite bliss that is supposed to be coming after God realization)

You needn't be successful for being happy. Because unlike success happiness is within you. You decide whether you are happy or not. There is no external condition necessary for happiness. When it comes to being happy you're the boss. No matter what the world showers upon you, your state of mind is what you decide. If you decide to be unhappy even when you are having everything that an average man needs to be happy, then you will be unhappy. And if you decide to be happy when all the odds are against you, if you decide to smile at your enemies, if you decide to laugh out loud when the worst is happening to you, you will be happy. Happy or not, you decide.

The first step for being so is to know the mechanism of happiness.
What brings about happiness?

As Will Smith says in The Pursuit of Happyness (or as he should have said) "When you are pursuing happiness, you will never be happy. To be happy you must leave worrying about being happy and start enjoying life.

Did you say enjoying life?
Yes. Enjoy life. Enjoy failure. Enjoy success. Enjoy doing nothing. Enjoy doing things. Enjoy eating. Enjoy sleeping. Enjoy exercising. Enjoy reading. Enjoy life.
And how?

The courtesy of the following idea goes to ancient Indian philosophy.
Who are you? Are you your hands or legs? or your heart or brain? or your body? Or are you your mind? Are you any of these? If you think you are your body or your mind, then you will be unhappy when there is some sorrow to any of these - your mind or your body. And it's easy for your body and mind to get hurt. Now, here's where it gets interesting. Think of yourselves as someone else, a consciousness that controls your mind and body. Think of you as someone who sits at the back of your head and monitors the thoughts in your mind and the movements of your limbs. Don't associate yourself with your mind or body. Dissociate yourself from them. Just be a witness. A witness of your actions. Of your thoughts.
When you are reading, it is not YOU that is reading, it is your mind that is reading with the help of your eyes.
When you are getting angry, YOU are not getting angry, it is your mind that is getting angry.
When you are exercising, YOU are not exercising, it is your body that is exercising.

Keep yourself out of everything. Let your body and mind do things. They are your servants. You are their master, sitting happily in a chair and enjoying the little mistakes that your servants - body and mind - do.

And when you are not your body or mind, nothing in this world can hurt you. Am I right? Things in this world can only hurt either your mind or your body or both. But they can never touch you. Because you are not your body or mind.

So, watch your thoughts. Watch your actions. Watch how your actions affect others. Watch how your actions affecting others in turn affect your thoughts. Watch how your actions affect their thoughts. Watch how they react. Watch how you fail. Watch how you succeed. Watch how you eat. Watch how you wash. Watch how life goes on. Be a witness to everything. Don't involve yourself in anything (Now, your body and mind can involve in anything, but YOU won't be invoved, you know how.)

And then you will reach a state where you can manipulate your mind and body as you wish. You tell the mind to be happy and it will be happy. You tell the body to be strong and it will be strong. You decide how your mind and body must be. This state of mind:

This state where you actively screen yourself, see your thoughts, and feel your actions; this state which is sometimes called "living in the present" or "being present minded"; this state where you feel no excitement and no worry but just a serene calmness; this state is the secret to infinite happiness.

Now go, be happy, and spread beauty in the world. Just remember "you are beyond your body and mind"

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Nipun said...

so to be infinitely happy,first get out of ur body and mind.and if we enjoy our mistakes ,Can we correct them?

Akshay S Dinesh said...

if we enjoy our mistakes ,Can we correct them?
we enjoy the mistakes made by our mind.
next time, we tell mind "Hey mind! i've enjoyed enough, now do it right this time."

Nishan Ansari said...

amazing yaar...nthng but amazing! keep up d good work :D

mithun said...

gandhijeee.....ur thoughts reflect what we have to say ......
happy to find a outlet for these frustrations.....

Unknown said...

tat explains y i am happy with my colg and hostel life.

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