Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What To Do When You Are Angry?

Anger is one of our worst enemies. When you are angry you feel very very strong. And most often people break valuable things, including glass-wares, and relationships.

But with a very simple tip, anger can be converted into a very powerful productivity tool.

It's simple.

You are angry with someone. Instead of bashing the one you are angry at, you control your emotions. And you do something productive.

Done. You were so concentrated at the cause of anger that the whole concentration was transferred to what you did instead. And so you did it better than how you would have done normally. And by the time you finished doing it, you are no more angry.

For example, this post was written and published in about 10 minutes in which I was really angry. And I'm really happy right now, because I suddenly got almost 3 weeks worth of content to write on.

So, the next time you feel angry, instead of blowing your top, convert the heat into work.

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The Literary Jewels said...

That was a brilliant suggestion. Indeed, if all the people follow that it would lessen the number of fights and destruction. And who knows more creative persons would be there :)

Akshay S Dinesh said...

[i]if all the people follow that it would lessen the number of fights and destruction[/i]
Very true

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