Sunday, January 31, 2010

What To Do When You Get Too Many Ideas Together

The creative mind is like a desert.
When you want something desperately it will show you mirages and endless sea of sand.
But when you are wandering aimlessly, hoping for nothing, lo! it's an oasis before you.

When people get ideas they get too many in a row. And within minutes they forget all but one on which they focus. Thus a huge part of their creativity is lost.

How do you block the leak?


When you get ideas, write them down.

When you get more ideas, write them down.

And after all your ideas are poured out, start developing from the beginning.

Your creativity - saved.

Always keep a pen and paper near you, who knows when you will get your next idea.
(And what do you do when you are a blogger and has just uncovered a topic about which you could make 20 posts at least?)

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