Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How 6,692,030,277 People Live on this Earth

I like to travel. Because whenever I go outside my home, I see people. The old man sitting right next to me in the bus, the man who is selling oranges, the woman waiting anxiously in the bus shelter, the kid talking to his friend, the youth resting his eye on every one coming his way, the sweeper, the policeman, the drunkard who asks the way to the policeman, the people who smile to the policeman when he answers the drunkard, and hundreds more, may be thousand.

So, how does that make my life blissful?

With every new person I see, I realize that everyone among those 6 billion+ people who are living on this earth has a life of their own.

And then I think how egocentric our lives are. About how our lives revolve around our own existence only. About how selfish we are.

Because every one of the people I meet, every one among them is doing something. Every one of them is going somewhere. Every one sleeps at night. Everyone lives.
And so do I.

I am just another one.

That thought can bring us a lot of relief.
To know that we are just another one among those billions.
To know that our lives are as valuable and as worthless as the life of anyone else.

And that brings us the ability to empathize. The ability to listen to what others have to say. The ability to feel for others, and be sincerely a part of their lives. The ability to regard their lives as a part of our own.
It allows us to see the interconnectedness of the lives.
It allows us to talk to the minds of others.
It allows us to open up.
It makes us human.

We soon start to respect everyone, regardless of what their status in the society, what they are, or what they are doing. We start to love everyone. Everyone starts to love us.

And when there is infinite love, there is infinite bliss.

So, the next time you are in a bus, look outside. See a man, think of how he is struggling to move forward, think of where he will sleep that day, think of how many people will be waiting for him. Then think of yourself. Then see another person, think of how she is going on in life. Then see another, then another.

And by the time you reach your destination, you will be feeling the love for others welling inside you.
Just pour it out on your friends, enemies, everyone you meet.

Start loving sincerely.

Soon you will have a blissful life.

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