Thursday, May 28, 2015

[jog-journal] The Idea

They say an idle mind is devil's workshop. A jogger's mind is god's workshop then.

I'm waking up at 4 am since I had a sweet dream yesterday.

Some goons appear outside a hostel. They beat the two securitiy guys up and ask them to go inside, take the mobile phone from every guy sleeping inside, and hand it over to them. The clever securities went inside and woke all the guys up. The guys started coming out one by one and soon the goons fled seeing the crowd.
When I woke up I had the realization that individually we are all powerless, but if we can wake people up to the reality, we can fend off any enemy.

That was yesterday. Today I had no dream to wake up with. This thread is going on about licensing of a Telegram based bot. If the license is AGPL, does it protect the bot as we want it to be protected? I've sent an email to FSF because the answer isn't clear from their FAQ either. Then I started making a teaching kit called "Internet elevator pitch for administrators" after wondering how I'd make my college Dean understand the importance of URLs. (My college's official website is If you're to visit it, you'll be redirected to the subdomain of the website of the web developer (I'm ashamed to call that guy by this title). And the guy says the official URL will be used once the website is completed. Poor administration should have believed that.)

It was 6 o'clock by then and fairly sunlit. And I was having a bit extra energy and so I went jogging to Kukralli kere. There are bulldozers around the entrance laying down huge pipes and I had to jog anti-clockwise today because the other entrance was blocked with soil. I remember reading somewhere that running anti-clockwise is good for the heart, but I wonder if that's true for large circles (or even small circles). Also, what happens to the previous tar on the road when it is being retarred?

Halfway through I noticed a woman running with a stooping posture. She didn't look tired and she was young enough to be not having senile stoop. Do women assume certain positions while jogging to avoid uncomfortable jiggling of their breasts? Can this be avoided by wearing appropriate sports bra? If yes, maybe a bra-salesman can make a fortune at the entrance of Kukralli kere. After all there is already a leafy vegetables/hurbs guy, a glucometer guy, and even water purifier guys there.

I was in the home stretch by then and I saw an Eagle being carried away by wind. Wind flows from water to land in the day, doesn't it? That's why there was wind I guess. And then a blue bird about the size of a small crane with 4 long fingers.

I should write all this down on my blog! After switching to my website for all serious stuff I have been wondering what I'd do with this blog. Maybe this is the right place to write all these random thoughts. Maybe I should name it "Jog Journals". Oh! That'd be fantastic. It'd keep me jogging every day because I've to write the journal and it'd keep me writing every day in turn.

Just as I was fancying that idea something happened. I had been jogging regularly in first year. We had a group who'd go jogging and we'd complete the Kukralli round in 20 minutes and be back. But we lost that habit during university examinations. After that the only real reason that made me go jogging was this girl, in my immediate junior batch, who likes running a lot and whom I like a lot because of that. I knew she came to Kukralli every morning but I'd never ran into her despite adjusting my timing frequently. Incidentally right at the end of the round I saw her and she said "hey" and I said "hi". Ha!

I have absolutely no doubt that there will be enough interesting things/thoughts every day to fill this series with. Yes, a series, that's the idea. Keep looking for the tag jog-journal.

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