Thursday, June 18, 2015

[jog-journal] Is Runner's High Just an Energy?

Ever since finishing VJ James' Nireeswaran yesterday, I can't get rid of the idea that every thing in the universe is just energy. Our body is made up of molecules of various kind. But inside, they're just subatomic particles in different configurations. And protons and electrons and neutrons apparently have this wave-particle state. Everything is energy. So, the only question we have to ponder upon is "What is energy?"

The huge pipe laying work in Kukralli is still underway. But good people have kept the jogging trail untouched, as of now.

By the end of today's run, I realized that sprint interval training has indeed made one change in me. I can't run slow anymore. I can't jog. I have to run. If I try to slow down to someone's speed, I feel restrained, and soon, tired. Probably the stride length is longer now. Even chi-running has become impossible. I feel impatient at slow speeds.
And if you are unable to attain runner's high soon enough or at all, there's a simple trick to achieve pseudo-runner's high - just look at the trees, or the sky, or anything that doesn't move with you.

A day's run has been perfect if you feel a sense of peace and happiness flowing out from the middle of your chest.

On the way back I saw this Ola cab. Makes me wonder, how much would it cost to start driving one, and can it be a good part-time job? Imagine all those part time auto driving fuelled self-funded IIT education stories. The auto-rickshaws would be replaced by Ola and Uber cabs in the very near future.

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