Friday, June 19, 2015

[jog-journal] Streaks

Streaks are very important. For today, I'd not have gotten up had it not been for the streak. Yes, the 2 day streak is the most difficult.

And not just that. I didn't even think while running today. I was testing the efficiency of my method to achieve runner's high. And it is pretty much efficient, for me at least. I ran faster and longer, today. But being unable to think is a side effect of running faster.

And while talking about streaks, I'm on a three day streak in learning French using Duolingo, today. I started my streak again because of my friend, who's on a streak too and catching up with me.

Looking at duolingo, social pressure and streak pressure must be the two things that makes one learn continuously.

On the way back I saw them playing Tennis at the courts opposite cosmopolitan club. That's when I remembered my failed attempts to learn Tennis and play like Federer.

Talking about Federer, I had once read that forehand was his great weakness once upon a time. But gradually, he turned it into his greatest strength. What is my greatest weakness?

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