Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Anger is a Valid Emotion; Conflicts Bring Real Peace

I have seen "triggered" being used as an insult at social justice activists when they become angry. People hold anger itself as an invalid or incorrect emotional state to be in. That is not very smart.

Anger is a perfectly valid emotion. Anger is a reaction to a provocation, hurt, or threat. Anger is a form of expression. It means that one has been triggered. 

The problem is not anger. The problem is the original violence.

The violence that triggers someone is the one that needs to be corrected. Not the anger that follows.

This is where conflict becomes important. Conflict is a situation where two parties who have two versions of "truth" negotiate and try to arrive at a common version of "truth".

Whether a conflict gets resolved quickly or not depends on both sides wanting to and being able to find a common ground.

Emotions like anger are commonplace in conflicts. And that makes people averse to conflicts. More than the outcome, they are scared of the emotions.

It might be evolutionary. Anger could have been a sign of imminent danger in the past.

But, we are not monkeys anymore. We are humans.

Being scared of anger is not necessary anymore. On the other hand, expressing it and getting into conflicts are very much necessary.

Because only through conflict can there be a negotiation. Only conflict can change someone's "truth". And only when that happens will there be real peace.

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