Sunday, October 19, 2008

How to become the center of attraction

It is human nature to yearn for attention. But everyone is certainly not going to be successful in this very particular case, just as there can't be two lions in a single pride. Now there are many ways to make people listen to you. But attention must be bought. It can't automatically come to you without you doing something. Now keep in mind these things:

  • The world is a mirror. It gives you back whatever you give it. So to earn attention, you will have to pay it too.

  • The best way to have people around you and the best way to have friends around you is the same: befriend who is around you. And the best way to make friends is to talk. Talk something. Anything. Words have a magical touch. As the graviton pulls the body it reaches to the body it left, words attract people to the one who lets out them and bind them with emotional gravity to the speaker. Therefore to have people glued around you, always talk something so that if they go away, they would miss something.

  • Don't show that you are eager to receive attention. But unobtrusively, start gaining attention.

  • One thing you will have to certainly avoid from your life is skipping chances. There can be no other thing as agonizing as a wasted opportunity. If you get a chance to perform, do it then and there. Hesitate for a moment and it's lost. There's no way you can buy back the chance, and almost surely the same chance will not come to you again.

  • Keep smiling. Ha! This one. It's sure gonna be a grand success. Unless there are around you people who are very nice that they hate smiling people, you're always gone to be admired if you keep a smiling face 24/7. Now the only problem is you will have to widen your mouth a little extra than your natural pose to smile to a person.

  • Always be frank. There is no quality better than frankness that's going to attract people. Be ready to admit mistakes. Do tell out loud the silly mistake that you committed. Because, if you try to hide up, and if someone had seen it, then there's no way that you can roll out of the issue. Honesty is the best policy.

Best of luck

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