Monday, April 20, 2009

A Letter to Roger Federer from His Fan

Dear Roger,
You are the greatest tennis player I have seen playing. The elegance of your style is incredible. Nobody else on this planet can surpass you in that. And you are extremely handsome too.

I thought I could give you some tips to beat Rafael Nadal.
But I give in.
Nadal is a contender. He runs on every ball that pitches in his side of the court. And, you cannot pitch the ball anywhere other than the court. Then how can you beat Rafa?
I cannot answer this question.
I am in no way

But, I can bet that YOU can find a solution. I don't know how anyone can tame that animal. (and I'm sure has entered a cheat code to get infinite stamina)
But I know that if anyone can do it, it is only you.

If you become a father, and you fail to beat Rafa, then how will the world see your son? Will he ever live in peace?

The greatest gift you can ever give to your son and all your fans is defeating Rafa at the French Open, even before your son sees the sun.

And YOU CAN DO IT. But only if you will.

Your greatest fan

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Ultimate Cricket Event Bowls Off Today

Indian Premier League's second episode has already become hit news with pretty much happening before the season itself.

Firstly, the INDIAN PL had been shifted to South Africa. This harsh reality with which many fans can't still cope with has not reduced the enthusiasm of fans.

Then, there are the teams' internal issues.
The Kolkata Knight Riders have been in the news for everyday, thanks to Shah Rukh and his comments, Buchanan and his crazy ideas. And Ganguly has been replaced as captain by McCullum.
Banglore Royal Challengers' Captain Rahul Dravid has also been axed.

Now, with almost all teams having a foreign captain and the whole game happening at a foreign soil, Indians are looking eagerly towards the Indian Premier League.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Contact Sheet

You can use any of the following options to chat with me or talk to me or contact me in any method.

Mail me at
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any other

Scrap me using orkut
Write on my wall
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Or tweet a reply to @asdofindia via twitter

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This is Zoho Chat

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In Case of Emergency, How Will Someone Find Whom to Contact With You Dying and Your Mobile in your Pocket?

Dear All,

We all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in its memory but nobody, other than ourselves, knows which of these numbers belong to our closest family or friends.

If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending us would have our mobile phone but wouldn't know who to call. Yes, there are hundreds of numbers stored but which one is the contact person in case of an emergency? Hence this "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) Campaign

The concept of "ICE" is catching on quickly. It is a method of contact during emergency situations. As cell phones are carried by the majority of the population, all you need to do is store the number of a contact person or persons who should be contacted during emergency under the name "ICE" ( In Case Of Emergency).

The idea was thought up by a paramedic who found that when he went to the scenes of accidents, there were always mobile phones with patients, but they didn't know which number to call. He therefore thought that it would be a good idea if there was a nationally recognized name for this purpose. In an emergency situation, Emergency Service personnel and hospital Staff would be able to quickly contact the right person by simply dialing the number you have stored as "ICE."

For more than one contact name simply enter ICE1, ICE2 and ICE3 etc. A great idea that will make a difference!

Let's spread the concept of ICE by storing an ICE number in our mobile phones today!!! !

Please forward this. It won't take too many "forwards" before everybody will know about this It really could save your life, or put a loved one's mind at rest .

ICE will speak for you when you are not able to

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Official Gmail Blog: Typing in Indian Languages

If you didn't notice it the last time you sent an email, go compose a mail now. There is a fine small button on the top left that lets you type Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. Don't forget to check it out
Official Gmail Blog: Typing in Indian Languages

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I Recommend: Personal Development for Smart People - Steve Pavlina

Personal Development for Smart People - Steve Pavlina

This site is absolutely wonderful. It is just one man - Steve Pavlina. His experiences in life made him what he is and those have directly contributed to the quality of his posts. Has many excellent articles about self discipline like how to be an early riser

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Do You Realize Your Value

During the civil wars in feudal Japan, an invading army would quickly sweep into a town and take control. In one particular village, everyone fled just before the army arrived - everyone except the Zen master. Curious about this old fellow, the general went to the temple to see for himself what kind of man this master was. When he wasn't treated with the deference and submissiveness to which he was accustomed, the general burst into anger. "You fool," he shouted as he reached for his sword, "don't you realize you are standing before a man who could run you through without blinking an eye!" But despite the threat, the master seemed unmoved. "And do you realize," the master replied calmly, "that you are standing before a man who can be run through without blinking an eye?"

The above story tells us more than one thing.

1: Don't be afraid: Don't fear anyone. Fear never leads to productivity. It only leads to restriction. But that doesn't mean we have to show fearlessness everywhere. Be brave when it matters. Stand up and speak out against injustice. But,

2: Be tactful: Like the Zen master, show tact. Request something and you may get things that you may not have got if you had ordered for it. Inject humor (not satire) and you may be winning hearts even faster.

3: Never give others a chance to devalue you:Ever found yourself shouting against someone to stop shouting? Ever wasted time watching senseless soaps in the television? Then you will understand what I mean by not giving others a chance to devalue you.

You will be as much value to others as you have been to yourself.

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Win Friends, Stop Worrying, Start Speaking - Dale Carnegie

The Dale Carnegie Page

Dale Carnegie's summaries of his books :

 How to Win Friends and Influence People

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking

Don't Grow Old - Grow Up! by Dorothy Carnegie

Though these are only summaries, they are very useful

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hundreds of Proofs of God’s Existence

Hundreds of Proofs of God’s Existence

...(1) Ask atheists what caused the Big Bang.
(2) Regardless of their answer, ask how they know this.
(3) Continue process until the atheist admits he doesn't know the answer to one of your questions.
(4) You win!
(5) Therefore, God exists....

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tips for Making Your PC Eco-friendly

Want to save the world? Already switching off lights and fans when not in use? What next? Make your computer energy efficient. There is (in Windows):

  • Power Options: in Control Panel --> Performance and Maintenance (category view)
    Here, there are Power Schemes and Hibernate tabs.

    I have set the Power Scheme as follows:
    Turn off monitor : After 1 min
    Turn off hard disks : After 10 mins
    System Standby : After 15 mins
    System hibernates : After 20 mins
    And it works extremely well for me. Every time I go to drink tea, or fight with my brother, even if i forget to switch off the monitor, it automatically goes off.

    Hibernating is a very powerful power saving tool that many often do not use due to lack of awareness. Enabling this is very easy. In Power Options, there is the Hibernate tab. Enable it.
    Now is the tricky part. Normally when turning off, you can see stand by towards the left of turn off. When hibernation is enabled also, there is standby there. But now, if you press Shift, you can see that it turns into hibernate button. Click while pressing shift* and your PC hibernates like a polar bear does in winter.
    The advantage of hibernating is that you can turn the power supply off like when shut down and you can resume your session from where you stopped as when stood by.
    *Note: You can press H instead of pressing shift and clicking.

  • Switch off: When not hearing music, you can switch off the speaker (so that you can even prolong the speaker life). When only hearing music you can turn off monitor.
    When working offline, turn off modem. After printing turn off printer.
    After shutting down, turn off every hardware that you can - monitor, speaker, printer, blue tooth device so that the next time you turn on, you switch on only the things that you need.

  • Protect : CPU - play small games instead of huge EA sports games.
    Monitor - adjust the monitor settings according to the company recommended settings.
    Speaker - play soft songs, lower the volume.
    Modem - avoid overheating by keeping your hands on the modem and taking the heat off.
    Keyboard - Don't bang on the keys, not even the enter key or space bar. Don't eat powdered food in front of the keyboard.
    Mouse - Dust the dust from the mouse pad. Click softly. Increase mouse speed in pointer options of mouse menu in control panel.
    The whole computer - use UPS, prevent voltage fluctuations.

  • Hardware: When buying new, always choose the better product. Like between CRT and LCD choose LCD. Buy a speaker with a separate power on/off switch.
    Buy a table designed specifically for your PC, so that you easily switch off accessories that aren't necessary.
    Larger RAM means faster work means lesser time means lesser energy.

Finally. Don't install unnecessary programs. Not that you needn't install the new browser that google releases. But make sure that you don't install an audio recording/editing pro software that you don't even know the use of, just to know how it looks like (like I used to do for years).

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why Reading is the Best Habit?

I consider reading as the best hobby because it is:

  1. Easy: Everyone learns reading at their schools. So, there is no need to learn something new.

  2. Cheap: Look around you. For every electronic thing, there will be one magazine or book in your room. Why? It is a lot more cheaper (the positive way to tell 'lot less expensive') . if you go to a super market, it is more probable that you will buy a book than an electronic good

  3. Healthy: Reading saves your eye from tv, computer, etc.
    For sitting while reading, or even lying down, you will have to employ many muscles in your back and legs and abdomen, thus leading them to strength.

  4. You are the master: You can read at your own pace. You can re-read. You can fast forward. You can skip. You can rewind. You don't get addicted.

  5. Mobile: Can you sleep beside your guitar on your holidays, if you had to travel in a crowded train with two bags in both of your hands?
    Books can accompany you wherever you are, just a matter of a few inches.

  6. Huge: You start collecting stamps. All easily available stamps are collected. Over. Your hobby, heads nowhere.
    There are so many books written, that you cannot finish reading even everything you've got in your private library, let alone search for new grazing grounds.

  7. Universal: Unlike other hobbies like tv shows, collecting, bird-watching, etc., reading is universal.
    That is, you read Harry Potter, you have friends all over the globe. But you watch birds near you. Those may be unheard, elsewhere.
Add your own......

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