Monday, May 11, 2009

Roland Garros: Federer is Confident and So Are We

What did you think of Roger Federer? That he is just a man who wilts under pressure and submits on the slightest sign of failure? He could have lost a dozen matches that he should have won. But it's not the opponent who can decide. When Federer is playing, there is only one man playing. And it's either he wins or loses. There is no win or lose for the opponent. Federer is the God. And he believes he can win French Open this year. He will get it. He will regain the Wimbledon. It's all his.

The previous paragraph was written by me just now as a great fan of Federer. Now if I write this as a tennis critic, it would look like this:

Roger Federer is having an unequivocally detestable season this year around. But he is a champion. A champion whose glory we can't describe. (Oops! Am I turning too much pro-Federer?) And he's announced yesterday at Madrid that he still believes he can beat Rafael Nadal on clay and win the Roland Garros this year. With him so proudly telling that he's gonna be a father and also he's gonna win French Open and retain Wimbledon, can he lose? He can't and he will not. Though there is Nadal on the other side, the Nadal who does not give up; who cares? If Federer is saying he needs something he is going to get it, and nobody can stop him from getting it.

A Physicist in my head said: If at all Federer's gonna retire, he was such a massive star in the beginning that when he ends up he's gonna finish as a black hole and so, he's gonna grab everything before he goes.

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