Monday, July 27, 2009

My Dream Hospital cum Mini City - "Live Longer" or "Freedom Centre"

This is another of the things I am going to do in the future.
Of course I will become a doctor. Then, I will start a hospital. This hospital will not be like ordinary hospitals. Ordinary hospitals are designed in such a way as to just get the patient out of ailment. But my "Freedom Center" will not just do that. We will make sure that the patient has a totally new lifestyle by the time he leaves "Freedom Center". Such that he will never have to visit here again.
In the "Live Longer" section, we will also have a gym, ( a swimming pool, ) a library, and a forum for people and especially youngsters to think and talk about what they like and need.
We will have music running continuously in the background everywhere inside the Freedom Center.

Yeah, and people will love to be inside the Mini City. And people will live longer. And they will get freedom from the sorrows of life.

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