Sunday, July 15, 2012

Complaining about Rape

All you idiots out there who want to castrate the guys who molested the girl in Guwahati, your anger is misdirected. It's not their fault, it is not the girl's fault, it's your fault that your society has problems regarding sexuality. And that's because you fail to talk about it. You consistently fail. And you make sure younger generations fail too. You can't even talk about puberty to your son, forget about talking sexuality with your colleagues. You ain't gonna get out of this mess till you begin to lose shame, inhibition. And you will certainly not grow up till you learn to admit that guys like breasts and girls like (oops, I don't know what they like, because I've never got a chance to talk) whatever they like.
And Indians fuck. All of them have sex. Because without that, you can't explain how we maintain the population competing with China. After all, divya garbha is only in our fairy tales. And you all have a dick or a pussy (if you lost it in an accident, I'm not responsible, shut the fuck up). And all of you, thanks to evolution, has the desire to get laid. And there's nothing to hide. So be it, be talking about sex.

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1 comment :

Abhimanyu.Mongandh Ambalath said...

Very true, the Indian society never acknowledges to admit the elephant in the room, but terribly tries to go around it, just adding to the discomfort of everybody.

Heck even "Sex Education" has turned into some sort of a "Moral" Education.

So once again brilliant article, and assuming you know Malayalam posting this link here.

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