My Bucket List

Update on July 18, 2021: This bucket list was written at a time when I subscribed to the traditional notions of success/ambition/etc. This is all irrelevant now. I don't care about any of the things below.

 on the lines of celestinechua

  1. Be the school leader
  2. Be a doctor.
  3. Be a neurosurgeon.(or a neuroscientist? whatever they're called)
    from NIMHANS
  4. Be a psychiatrist.
  5. Be a psychologist.
  6. Learn at AIIMS.
  7. Stay at the National Capital Territory.
  8. Do interdisciplinary research in medicine.
  9. Be the college's school college leader.
  10. Learn law. Get a degree in it.
  11. Get a degree in physics from open university.
  12. Get a patent.
  13. Be described by an IIT faculty as "the gem that went unseen during KVPY selection"
  14. Get IAS.
  15. Start an organization.
  16. Talk to a crowd at least 10,000 strong.
  17. Start a political party.
  18. Contest elections.
  19. Win election.
  20. Be the Prime Minister of India.
  21. Be the President of India.
  22. Read all the novels every classmate has read.
  23. Reach 1000 subscribers to my blog. 
  24. Reach 10000 subscribers to my blog
  25. Create a full-fledged website (with forum) : Began on 1 July, 2012. Including a forum is just a one click process (though I haven't done it yet)
  26. Get 6-pack abs.
  27. Run a marathon.
  28. Run 100 m in less than 10 seconds.
  29. Visit the United States of America.
  30. Appear on TV.
  31. Be disconnected from internet for two weeks, straight.
  32. Visit all my childhood friends.
  33. Reconnect with all my teachers.
  34. Write a book.
  35. Write another book and sell a million copies of it.
  36. Write an autobiography.
  37. Release a firefox addon (Zero Internet)
  38. Compile a linux from scratch
  39. Give a TED talk
  40. Be invited to Google
  41. Do a 21 day fasting
  42. Go to himalayas
  43. Blog from there
  44. Begin an organic farm!! (Read Haryana Kisan Welfare Club) 
  45. Get Fields Medal (Nobel Prize in Mathematics) 
  46. Read the whole of constitution debates 
  47. Learn to play a stringed instrument. Been playing the guitar I bought from an old friend.
  48. Buy a lightweight bicycle. Bought a Giant Boulder 2 on 2nd January, 2013
  49. Teach myself CS.
created on 8th March 2011
last edited on September 27, 2018

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