Monday, September 3, 2018

Bridges, bridges, everywhere

I'm a Bangalorean now. I have a metro card as well. For about a week now, I have been talking to a lot of people and reading (also searching for 1BHKs around IISc). Turns out there are not many secrets in answers to "What to do in life?"

There were a few points that made sense and helped me gain immense clarity. I'll list them down.

Immanuel Kant: Mark Manson's post on him is a nice read on the kind of moral philosophy that we can have. It is slightly complicated but boils down to "strive to be the best, if not you're doing injustice to yourself".

Remember it was the same idea that propped up earlier with reference to Gita.

In fact, Priyanka Chopra lists down 12 rules in her breaking the glass ceiling talk which sounds similar as well - be fierce, fearless, and flawed.

Stoicism: Talking about fears, Tim Ferris made a really nice TED talk on defining fears and defeating them. He gives an excellent tool to practice stoicism. And stoicism is an absolutely useful "-ism" in times of uncertainty.

Bridges: The place where I have to go to isn't really somewhere that people frequently go to from my place. Therefore, I have to build a few bridges to that place. The only issue is to differentiate bridges from hangouts.

Money: There are a few important lessons about money.

One is that money saved is indeed money earned. If you can decrease your expense, you won't need a huge income.

The other is that money created is a measure of value created. If you are building a product and want to know if it really adds value to the world, just count how much money has been generated by the product.

Integrity: When we talk, we need to walk the talk. This doesn't mean you stop talking about anything that feels important to you. It means that you should keep pushing. Talk, then write, then do, then do more, then do maximum, and then keep doing.

Bed bugs: Bed bugs are really pesky pests. Do not try to adjust with such annoyances. Overcome them.

Failure is not a choice. But success definitely is.

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Unknown said...

I am reading this book called mountains beyond mountains. In the process of reading about Dr. Paul Farmer's life, his "mentor "figures like Rudolf Virchow came up. I never knew him as a politician or anthropologist. That book is quite relatable to this post.

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