Monday, April 20, 2009

A Letter to Roger Federer from His Fan

Dear Roger,
You are the greatest tennis player I have seen playing. The elegance of your style is incredible. Nobody else on this planet can surpass you in that. And you are extremely handsome too.

I thought I could give you some tips to beat Rafael Nadal.
But I give in.
Nadal is a contender. He runs on every ball that pitches in his side of the court. And, you cannot pitch the ball anywhere other than the court. Then how can you beat Rafa?
I cannot answer this question.
I am in no way

But, I can bet that YOU can find a solution. I don't know how anyone can tame that animal. (and I'm sure has entered a cheat code to get infinite stamina)
But I know that if anyone can do it, it is only you.

If you become a father, and you fail to beat Rafa, then how will the world see your son? Will he ever live in peace?

The greatest gift you can ever give to your son and all your fans is defeating Rafa at the French Open, even before your son sees the sun.

And YOU CAN DO IT. But only if you will.

Your greatest fan

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Unknown said...


Rakesh Vanamali said...

This is interesting! Did u send it to him? U shud consider sending this to him, if you have not already!

riddhiculous said...

Whoa!! Fedrer .. He is like sachin of tennis and I hate it when that git of man raefel nadal wins. I am sure he desreves and shit like that. But, we have seen lord play better. I abso-bloody-love the post.

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