Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is An Amoeba Conscious Of Its Existence?

Just think of living things and non-living things.
We know that we are conscious of ourselves. But what is this consciousness? Where does it come from?

Think in terms of atoms. There are atoms and molecules in our body. They are certainly not conscious.
We have many carbon, oxygen, etc. combined to form proteins, carbohydrates, etc. They too aren't aware.

Now we have these things interacting to form cytoplasm and cells.
Is it in these little corners of our body where we begin to realize our existence?
Why does the DNA replicate? Why does it control the cell? Why are mitochondria synthesising energy? Why does the cell grow, divide? Why?

So, the question:
Is an amoeba conscious of itself??? 

We are not amoebae. So we do not know it directly.

But let us think of our own selves.
We are made up of cells. But we are not aware of our cells. (Otherwise there would have been many many people talking in your head right now)
So let us assume that cells aren't conscious of themselves.

Now, the next question:
Then who is conscious?
Take a single cell and you don't get consciousness. But bring them all together you get people discovering relativity theory and nuclear fission.
Where is this consciousness originating from?
Is it from the cells itself? Are the cells actually self aware?
If yes, then what is this awareness?
We know that a cell is made of nothing but proteins and similar stuffs. What is it that makes an artificial protein different from a natural one. Why can we make an artificial heart, artificial eye, but not an artificial life?

Now, if it is not the cells that are conscious, but the agglomeration; How does the neurons form mind? Or how do we think? What happens between the two moments when we are fast asleep and when we've just awaken? What is thinking through my mind right now? What is reading this post in your mind right now? Who are you?

Why is artificial intelligence impossible? Why can we make powerful cranes and trains but not a clever robot?

What is the difference between life and death? What is the electricity that runs through our bodies and make us move, talk, think? What is consciousness? What is life?

Are we just runners in a relay passing the baton of life from our predecessors to successors? Are we even authorised to know why this fire called life burns?

(Though I don't believe a God exists) Oh God! Please let me know !!! Please!!! (saints say that you should do this very thing to attain realisation, so what I'm doing right now is practically online meditation, or online praying or praying through blogging. Well God must be having an internet connection too, hope that he's using a search engine far more powerful than google, and finds me)

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Anonymous said...

You have been awarded:
The superior Scribbler Award

Unknown said...

amoeba can die before ..its reproduction ofcoz it has sexual reproduction den wat is difference between us and them

Akshay S Dinesh said...

This post has got nothing to do about amoeba's intelligence...

Anonymous said...

your thought are 99.9999% same as what i thought about them,although you are one year faster...
We (me and a friend of mine) have been researching over intelligence for around 2 years and have constructed a theory over it... since your "frequency" of mind is so similar to ours we would like you to give your thoughts over it...
this is just a test comment to check wether this blog is alive or not, if you are still checking this please mail me your email id as i couldn't find it on this blog...


Akshay S Dinesh said...

you can find my email id on

Anonymous said...

your memory hits you, so you are conscious? may be only you are conscious and others just machine, i am machine.

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