Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Error: Your Soul Needs to Be Upgraded

The analogy is that our body is the hardware, and our mind or soul is the operating system.
When you are exercising you are upgrading your hardware.
When you are learning a new language you are installing a new software.

But mind you, you are stuck with the same old operating system.
You might be tweaking your soul with a lot of new software, but basically you are just that same old operating system with a lot of vulnerabilities, missing dlls, and accumulated junk files.
You learn a lot of new things in life. You learn how to make friends, how to spring back from mistakes, failures, how to be infinitely happy and so on. But very soon you revert back to your old ways, you uninstall those software.

When you try to ADD a quality to your life, you display that quality for some days, and then you become the same old person. Because YOU are that old person, YOU have not changed. Deep inside, you are thinking that you must go back, you must be you again.

So, instead of adding new qualities, just change that basic YOU. Upgrade your operating system completely. Just redefine YOU. Let the quality be an integral component of you (a system service that cannot be uninstalled). And thus even if you become YOU again, you do not lose that new quality.

With every new thing you learn, you must redefine who you are.

Scenario 1:
Once you were not going well with others. "I do not go well with others"
And then one day you just decide you will start behaving well with people that day onwards. "I usually do not go well with others, but I will try to do well"
And the next day you get angry with someone. "I knew I am an insensitive idiot who just cannot get on well with others"
RESULT: Back to square one.

Scenario 2:
Once you were not going well with others. "I do not go well with others"
And then one day you decide that you are someone who goes well with others. "Who told you I am bad, I do go well with others"
And the next day you get angry with someone. "Well, I go well with others, but today is just not a good day"
RESULT: Just a momentary glitch, nothing to worry.

So, when you find some 2-3 new qualities that you could have in life, just bundle them together, and release them into your soul as a new OS update. Just be a new person, with those qualities inherent. Be a new you.

And those qualities will never leave you.

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Akhila said...

you was going to get a punch from me by that wrong followers...lol..clever re...how did u do that...but nice post..keep blogging

Anonymous said...

Really fun!

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