Saturday, October 24, 2009

Who Must Start Blogging? - People Like Nishan

Anyone can start a blog. But some people must start a blog. If you are any one of the following and haven't started a blog yet, you should immediately start one, for the sake of the blogosphere.

  1. Travelers:
    If you travel. Be it anywhere. Your own city, foreign countries. Any time, any number of times. Be you young, be you old. Doesn't matter whether you travel a lot or have just gone for one single summer trip this month. If you travel, you must blog. It is not for you, it is for others. Others who like to travel, who like places, who like to know cultures.
    So the next time you travel, make sure that you start a travel blog and post detailed stories about how you made the trip, how you felt, what you saw. And add a lot of pictures and stuffs.
  2. Professionals:
    Do you work? You should blog about the special moments you had while doing what you do. If you're a doctor write about patients, and special cases, and miracles. If you're a teacher blog about children. If you're an engineer blog about your next assignment and how you're going to do it.
  3. Innovators:
    Do you often get ideas that come out of nowhere and seem just fantastic? You are an innovator like in the IBM ad. If others don't notice your ideas, then you should blog them because there could be people whom you don't know desperately in need of those ideas. And if others do notice your ideas, then you should blog them too because there will be people who you don't know who will benefit from those ideas.
  4. People who always finds something interesting (the born bloggers):
    People think there's nothing else to talk but you find something else, always. You are the kind of blogger who just fills his blog with all types of interesting things ranging from sports to movies, politics to philosophy, anything and everything.
  5. Writers:
    You noticed a name in the title and didn't understand what I meant? Nishan Ansari is the literary secretary of my school. He writes fantastic essays, poems, stories, book reviews, anything you can imagine of. But we must wait for the next edition of our school magazine to read him. Is this anywhere near fair? Such beautiful words must immediately reach readers. What he and others like him must do is this : immediately start a blog and let the creative juice flow. Don't wait for others to pick you up or think that nobody will read you, when you have it in you, and you decide to do it, you will automatically ascend the stairs of popularity.
Well this list is just a beginning. Anyone who feels like blogging must try it. Because blogging is awesome fun. And fifty years from now, when you're looking back at your life, won't you wanna say you got into blogging long back in the 2000's?

So you've agreed about it and trying a hand. Here are some basics. You are reading this and you know what a blog is. Blogs can be self-hosted like other websites, or hosted at free providers like google, wordpress, etc. is the blogging platform I'm using and I recommend it to you too. But wordpress is also a good try. Once you go to these sites, they are designed in such a way that any layman can start blogging. (It's just the motivation part, which I've given)

And when you start blogging and become successful bloggers (which I'm sure you will), don't forget to link to me and get me some reputation and traffic. Wish you all the best in your blogging adventure.

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Unknown said...

OK,,except for writing poems...becoz ,may be somebody copy it and of coz get fame ...and we always a "stupid blogger"....

Akshay S Dinesh said...

or may be you never let it out and neither you nor anyone else becomes famous

or may be somebody saw your poem and really liked it and asked whether he could publish some in his anthology

Unknown said...

cant we publish it ourselves go for bright side ....but yours is risk

Aswin.K.V said...


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