Tuesday, November 19, 2013

On Facebook

Facebook is an excellent social networking tool. It has features that makes reconnecting with old friends nostalgic, sharing photos beautiful and staying connected seamless.

And that's where it ends. Facebook is not the best content discovery tool. It can show you news from only those people you know or follow. Technically it can show news from world over, but it doesn't by default. That immediately restricts the sample size of links you chance upon.

You can actually change the defaults and use Facebook like a feed reader, by liking pages of a good content creator or a good content curator. And then going through a myriad of settings to make all of their posts visible to you.

But Facebook defaults to "suckery". In an effort to make page owners pay for advertisements, Facebook buries page posts deep inside news feed.

And then, Facebook, by default, gives the microphones to all your crappy friends and turns the volume up on all of them, simultaneously!

Even if you quit reading twilight after the first few chapters, you can relate yourself on Facebook to Edward Cullen in classroom. You get to read everyone's mind, without even listening. Unlike Cullen here, you have to turn off each single person who litters.

And in such a system, diversity dies off. You post about what your friends post about which is what their friends post about which is what their friends post about which is what you post about. It's like inbreeding depression. And this leads to the same stories recurring on your wall day after day walling (pardon the pun) you from all the different, never-thought-about things that actually happen on the internet. You will be stuck with Modi's comment on Rahul and Rahul's comment on Modi and Modi's comment on Rahul's comment on Modi and Sachin Tendulkar's comment on Bharath Ratna, and Bharath Ratna's comment on Sachin Tendulkar, and your neighbour's comment on Sachin Tendulkar and your friend's comment on your neighbour's comment on Sachin Tendulkar and then Modi's comment on that. And to vie for your attention, each news source will add more masala, more drama to each story they post. While the internet goes forward with splendid things.

Click here to deactivate your Facebook account now.

And then, decide on one standard news site, one standard niche site and one standard content discovery tool, and live a beautiful life.

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