Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Glimpse Into What's Been Keeping Me Busy

This post comes after a really long break (almost 17 days. That's huge!). And during these days blogger rolled out many new features, Onam was celebrated by Malayalis all over the world, and Federer reached the semi-final of US Open. Still I couldn't make any post. Why?
I had decided that I wouldn't post until
I create a new layout for my blog myself (of course using resources which I'm going to mention very soon)
And now I'm glad to announce to you that I've succeeded in creating a brand new template that not only pleases my eyes but also proves to be extremely effective.

And along with that there is another major change. Change has become ASD of INDIA. [update on next night: ASD of INDIA has become Blissful Life which means much more about this blog]
Yeah, I do know Change is a much better name but due to many reasons I don't want it to be my blog's name. (Those reasons will make another post)

All these changes and this particular post is dedicated to all of my friends and schoolmates at Chinmaya Kannur, who visited this blog, liked it and made it a point to tell me that they liked it. I can't find words to thank Nishan, who not only found this blog but also spread the word inside his large circle. My sincere thanks also to Mithun, Anoop, Akash, Abhishek, Waqas, Fathima, Raysa, Ratan, Arjun, Thushar, two brothers in +2 (whose names I don't remember) and all those whose names I've (unknowingly) omitted, for their unyielding support. I wish I could live upto their expectations.

Now tell me your comments on the new look of my blog.

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Nipun said... did u create it?u r really creative

Akash Ranjith said...


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