Monday, February 22, 2010

Instant Mood Transformer

Today evening I was thinking:  'Life is pointless, where am I leading to, what should I do next'
I was feeling enervated.
I knew I was not in a good mood at all.
I tried finding some motivational quotes in the world wide web. But all those awesome quotes suddenly felt like mere words for me.
Windows media player was playing only the sad songs.
Everything in the TV seemed to be worse than boring lectures
I thought about reading some book, but I did not have the energy to stand up and walk to the book shelf.
Everything let me down.
I thought I would find some solace in my gmail inbox. I found a lone mail there from a friend. She had already forwarded it to everybody I knew. And archiving the mail showed me that familiar "No new mail!" slogan.
I was depressed. I was angry at myself for being so. But I was unable to get out of the mood.
And then it happened. I just walked out of my house. I was amidst all those plants and trees. They had this exceptional aura of calmness surrounding them. And the wind which filled my lungs to its maximum. Sure it was not one of the most colourful moments of my life, but no amount of colour would be able to make me happy in that mood too. But the serene nature suddenly turned me into that productive, creative, willing-to-go-for-it me. As though the energy flowed directly from the tress into me through the wind.

And then I knew it.

All those high tech gadgets, they are sure fun. But only when you are in the mood for fun.
When you are depressed, down, what you need is some soothing.

And there is only one thing that is instantly available for everyone which can provide that solace: mother nature.

Take a stroll through the garden. Smell the leaves. Breathe the wind. Get in harmony with nature.
And then you will once again feel it. The blood rushing in your body. Your brain resuming from its slumber. Sparks of creativity in your mind.
And, you are back.

Our eyes were meant to see curves, the branching trees and arching grass and the rabbit and the river. But what we see is rectangular blocks of text in a rectangular screen or sheet on a rectangular table inside in a rectangular room. See some curves.

We are living. But what we live with are machines, inanimate and emotionless. Multimedia can fool the eyes, the ears. Junk food can fool the tongue. Ceramic tiles can fool the skin. Perfumes can fool the nose. But there is something inside everyone that senses life. And you cannot fool it for long. You've got to be near some life. Or soon the one inside you will die down.

Whenever you feel depressed, breathe some fresh air in the garden.

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Aditi said...

nice!! never thought that way.... but now that u mention it.... u r right!

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